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We are going to introduce you to some of what we consider great quotes from AA meetings and AA discussions with others.

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Alcohol is the criminal.  We are merely accessories to the crime.  We can stop being involved in the crime if we choose.

Some mouths need more novocaine than others to silence them.

I may not have been good at marriage, but I found that I was great at divorce.

Thinking that drinking will help you sleep better is like putting a band-aid on cancer.

There are water filters, gas filters, oil filters, air filters and who knows how many other types of filters.  Too bad there wasn't a mouth filter that could treat our words coming out.

We may say that we are pursuaded by others or the crowd/group to have a drink.  Who is kidding who?  We are easily persuaded by ourselves.

I had nothing to live for but I was too frightened to die.

When I stopped drinking I felt like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

We are all like acrobats flying high and AA is our safety net.

I am going to take out my life tool repair kit.  One story at a time.

The ones that love you do not drag on you.  They help pull you along.

It took what it took and it is what it is.

I was willing to give my advice freely.  After all, I was not taking it.

I can't remember when the war of drinking started.  I do know the day I declared an end to that war.

I drank to feel heavenly, yet I felt like hell.

I can remember watching the cookoo and waited for the clock to go off.

When I was drinking, it was a tough uphill walk.  I should know, I fell down it many times.

I noticed my body was going to hell.  I stopped just in time so my mind would not go there also.

I could not get an A in Drinking 101.  I did get a lot of failures though.

When it came to drinks, it was all for me and none for you.

I believe there is a switch somewhere between my mouth and my ears.  It is difficult to have my mouth and my ears on at the same time.

I used to see a LOT of BLACK OUT.  Now I see a LOT of GREEN OUT.

Heading towards recovery is when you decide to take 12 steps forward and not 10 steps backwards.

I am looking for a dumpster that has ALCOHOLISM DISPOSAL written on the side.

I don't own this seat.  I borrow it one meeting at a time.

Have you noticed that just about every business has greeters now days?  Welcome to here, welcome to there, welcome to everywhere.  Well - I suggest you take a shopping cart to an AA meeting where you will be greeted and leave with a shopping cart full of Serenity and Sobriety.

I never knew I had black outs.  I slept right through them.

I was at the beach and a man celebrating his 60th birthday yelled out "I feel like I am 40 again."  The last time I felt like I was 40, I was 20.

The program is a plan for a lifetime of daily living.

There is no extension cord from your couch to a meeting.  And leave the remote behind.

Open your mouth and insert GOD.

Notice that the Doctor's tale starts with 'I' and ends with 'GOD'.

Once in a while we need to follow a school bus and slow down.

I need a companion dog because it takes too long to train a wife (or husband).

You will know great when a drunk drags you to an AA meeting.

The addiction and obsession spoke to me everyday.

I am now collecting days of sobriety.  One at a time.

We should write a book called 'EXCUSES FOR DUMMIES'.

Loneliness for me was sitting around by myself and listening for Goffer farts.

Helping you is helping me.

Our mouth is GOD's channel to pass the message.

Be grateful to your puppies.  They never stumble, nor slur, nor blackout.  They just wag some loving.

A call can be rewarding if we just listen.  I called an AA friend that was going through cancer treatment, just to tell him if he needed any help to call me.  He said to me: If you need any help - call me.

Pennies are from heaven and bottles are from hell.

I was always told to clean up my dishes after I ate off them.  So I felt that it meant I needed to clean out the bottom of the bottle also.

Then there was the man that said: I am a grown man trapped in a child's mind.

How dare Walgreens contribute to my illness by selling alcohol.

Once in a while we need to have a check up from the neck up.

Change your way.  Change your seat.

I keep hearing people say they are from Upstate New York.  I am trying to figure where to draw the line where that begins on the map.

I blame the liquor companies for all of my confusion.  They changed from ounces to those dang ML's, Liters, and other stuff I didn't understand.  I totally forgot how much I wanted to drink anymore.  So I drank it all to be on the safe side.

If I was a good worker drunk, I must be a great worker sober.

If someone really upsets you, aim and shoot a prayer at them.

I am writing a letter to Garmin: Dear Mr. Garmin.  Lola (my GPS) keeps telling me "YOU ARE HOME" every time I go by one of my past favorite liquor pick up spots.  Now I have to adjust my GPS to think another way.

Suit up.  Show up.  Shut up.

I took all of my problems and chewed on them until all of the flavor was gone.

When the desire to drink hits the fan, I've learned to just shut the fan off.

My thoughts no longer feel like they have gone through a pencil sharpener.

I made no plan for today.  Gosh, what a great plan.

Whenever you think Serenity is out of reach, be like a giraffe and reach a little higher.


Don't go away ~ there is more to come.

If you do go away, remember to come back.

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