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3D Stargate Commander
A proud day for a big BOT Stargate Commander such as myself.

multiple 3D
Red Banana 3D BOTS are taking over the office.

red banana and 3d roids
Red Banana 3D BOT on 3D-ROIDS.

3D Book Gotta Have It.

From reality to 3D printed Buddha BOT.

bot with foot in mouth
Bot caught with foot in his mouth.

trump tower
Welcome to the 'Trump Twr Bot'.  Try to climb this one..........

Head Bot
This is 'Head Bot'.  This is what your brain is like on M&M'S.

Red Banana The Original Red Banana.

3D Bots 
The Handy Bot.  How does that grab you?

3D Bots 
A 3D Bot with a head not on his shoulders.  Dr. Bot.

Ready, Willing and Able ~ with the right equipment.

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